Our History

Geo-Log was started in 1974 as a geophysical logging company to serve near surface lignite coal exploration. It was the brain child of Ben Broome and  M. M. Hawthorne. Broome had a background in building wireline tools and mineral logging, and M. M. Hawthorne owned SIE in Fort Worth,Texas. The two men had known each other since they were young men. Broome had worked for WSI in Oklahoma and sometimes had sold down hole tools to  Hawthorne an employee of Lane Wells based in Houston where he was in charge of electronics for the southwestern United States.

Geo-Log’s original mission was to service lignite coal mining in the United States, but the business soon became international, and their services grew to include the peripheral minerals such as radioactive ore, and miscellaneous near surface  investigations. By the late 1980's,  M. M. Hawthorne was the sole owner of Geo-Log and in poor health. Geo-Log was facing a major economic shift in the economy. In North America so much lignite had been discovered and mapped that the demand for exploration was almost dead.  His older son Lloyd Hawthorne was in the field with their oil and gas production company, and he took over the every day operations of the business which was head quartered in Granbury, Texas.  

In 1990 Lloyd Hawthorne decided to redirect Geo-Log to develop products for the wireline service industry because of market opportunities. He saw serious need by independent  wireline companies , the small business entities of the  wireline industry that lacked the internal manufacturing support  and deep pockets of the major players, for affordable and dependable wireline equipment. Lloyd had traveled with his father in the summers while his father was with GO, and he often worked at SIE. He was familiar with the labor and the interrelations of supply and field work in the industry.

Geo-Log’s first product for the independent community was an improved three foot measure head. This product was a traditional solution in the US at the time and has continued to be improved and updated. It remains the most rugged, accurate, and dependable solution for most applications. The next focus was to manufacture the ancillary and peripheral  hardware like mechanical odometers, odometer cables, right angle drives, and mounting assemblies to mention a few. Other measuring devices followed. And Geo-Log began to develop a first class CNC machine shop and custom machining service for the wireline industry which helped diversity in the business and gave the company the much desired financial stability for which it had been striving .

Geo-Log has always recognized the various interests and preferences which can cause diverse approaches to real time cable measuring. Geo-Log offers many types of measure heads for traditional wireline, slickline, and greaseless shielded line. The manufacturing of high quality and dependable cable sheaves which may be opened to load without re-heading the conductor cables was another line of products for which  Lloyd Hawthorne saw a need. These sheaves have been very successful. The culture at Geo-Log has always recognized the importance of quality, repeatability, and product support  for success. We stand behind our work.

Geo-Log employees are reminded that the things they make can have far reaching consequences for the lives of the people their production may touch.  Historical foot note:In the late 1950 s, three men had equal ownership of GO Oilfield Services which began in Ft. Worth, Texas. They would follow different paths in the future. They were M. M. Hawthorne, Marvin Gearhart, and Harold Owens. Each had  their own unique gifts and personalities, and their hard work and vision left a mark on the oil and gas industry in the following companies they founded, ( this is not an all inclusive list ) Go, Remco, SIE, Gearhart Industries, Pengo, Owen Oil Tools, Rock Bit, Geo-Log,  and others through their support  as consultants and backers.