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Innovative Wireline Development

Geo-Log has been committed to the development of high quality, innovative wireline products.

In-House Wireline Manufacturing

With significant commitments to the in-house fabrication process, our products have been designed by our engineers, insuring precision machining and quality assurance.
Measuring Heads

3ft. MHA

The 3ft Measure Head Assembly (3’ MHA) from Geo-Log is our most iconic measuring head in North America. It is ideal for cased hole and perforating operations.

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Measuring Heads

MD 20-20

The MD 20-20 featured by Geo-Log is the answer to many industry needs.

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Measuring Heads


A start-of-the-art device for measuring slickline wire, accommodating cable ranges of .092 through .187 as well as .218 braided line.

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Depth Panels

E-line & Slickline Depth Panels

Accurately measure wireline depth and line tension using all electronic sensors

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A Diversified Operation

Geo-Log goes beyond the surface by providing a wide range of services.

Precision is beyond accuracy. Our products are manufactured with the highest precision with our special in-house fabrication process.


Our Geo-Log Engineers rigorously test each and every product that comes from our warehouse so you’re guaranteed a quality build.


We’ve started from the drawing board on our products and engineered new solutions and products to fit our high quality of standards.

We offer many different styles of wireline measuring heads and spooling heads. Some of the heads in our product line include the 2 Foot Measure Head, 3 Foot Measure Heads, our Straight Line Measure Head, the new Slick Line Measure Head, and the MD-2020 Head. Geo-Log is also well known for our wireline sheaves. We offer many different sizes and styles of sheave wheels as well. We have 14 inch sheaves, 18 inch sheaves and 22 inch sheaves. Our production machine shop allows us to make all of our parts in house. We also supply many other products to support the Wireline Industry. Some of the other products that we sell are, Mechanical Odometers, Mechanical Counter Cables, Cable Spools, Source Handling Tools, Sheave Hangers, Tie Back Chains, Parallel Arms, Cable Drives, and the Wireline Systems Electronic Depth and Line Speed Panel. Since most of our products have been designed by our own Geo-Log Engineers, it's vital to build a capable and controllable plant.

Geo-Log. Always Made in the U.S.A.

Precision Machining. Custom Built by Geo-Log.

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What our customers say

I have always felt like we get excellent service from the Geo-Log group. Equipment needed is shipped very promptly and we've been provided with lots of useful information when its necessary and requested. Personally not being familiar with Geo-Log measuring heads, Roger was always there to provide education and how-to materials which was very appreciated! Thanks for the service!

Jody Davis
District Manager